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Host family letter

   Oto mój list. Zastanawiałam się czy go publikować ale pamiętam, że sama szukałam tekstów jako wzór. Sprawdzała raz moja siostra, potem pozmieniałam około 70% słów więc idealnie nie jest ale też nie miało być. Podrasowany ale szczery. Jestem z niego zadowolona :).

Dear future Host Family,

My name is Sylwia and I am 18 years old. I was born in Poniatowa Kolonia, a little village in Eastern Poland. When I was 16 i started highschool. I chose one of the most prestigous schools in my country so I had to move to Lublin and started living on my own. I'm confident that this experience tought me responsibility. I like going to school and learning new things in general. After my year in the USA I plan to go to the university. I want to be an au pair in the USA because I know it will be an important enrichment for me. I will try to explain in the following paragraphs.

My family is the most important to me. <moi rodzice> I have two older sisters: Ola is 21-year-old student of Warsaw School of Economics. She used to be an au pair when she was at my age. We talked about the au pair-program so now I know what to expect. My other sister Justyna is 24 years old and she studies medicine. I have a very close relationship to both of my sisters and I can truly call them my best friends. We have two dogs: Bursztyn and Puszek.

Spending time with children is really important to me. I think we can learn from them how to become happy out of little daily situations. They are honest and and their smile fulfill my heart. My first job as a nanny started in the summer 2013. I was taking care of the most energrtic children: A (9 years old) and F (6 years old) I have ever seen. We were playing soccer and doing other outdoors avtivities. Then I was taking care of Antonii. When I started he was 1,5 years old. It was a real joy for me. I still have a contact with him and his family. During the last summer 2014 I was an au pair in Fontellas, Spain. I was taking care of Leyre (4 years old) and Pablo (7 years old). We were going to the local swimming pool, learning english, doing a lot of sports, playing boardgames and doing many outdoor activities. From the first day on we had a really good relationship and it was hard for me to say goodbye. I had also a great relation with my host parents. We were talking about children's behavior and development and what we can do better. We respected each other a lot. For me it was the best way to spend my holidays and one of the greatest experience. After these two months in Spain I am sure that I want to spend 12 months as an au pair in the USA.

I love traveling, meeting new people and discovering new cultures. I think I can call it my biggest hobby. I am reading travel magazines and books. I took part in two students exchange programs of France and Hungary. One week I was living with their family and then I hosted the student from those countries in Lublin. I visited the following countries: Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Serbia, Hungary. Beside of being "a member" of an American family with children, the duration of 12 months the USA would give me the possibility getting to know the american culture. It is one of my biggest, next to Australia dream.

Finally I want to point out that I try to be, think and act positive every day. My friends say that I have a great sense of humor, I love joking and laughing. I always have time for my friends when they need me.They can turn to me with any problem and I always try to help them. I am an open minded and tollerant person. I do not judge anybody too quick and first I try to understand the situation and feelings.

I try to eat healthy and take care of good food.I do not have a special diet but I am interested in vegan lifestyle.

I have a driving license and due to my father's profession driving safety is very important to me. I respect every rules and I am really watchful. As I mentioned: Living on my own teached me how to be responsible. I think that is the reason why I am more mature than other people of my age. I am punctual, flexible and always able to work hard if it is necessary.

I hope that I have been able to give you a first positive impression of me and I would be more than happy to hear from you. If you have any further questions please contact me at any time.

Best regards.

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  1. Świetny list. :) ja też pamiętam, że szukałam listów w internecie jak pisałam swój, więc wpis jak najbardziej przydatny! Na pewno wiele dziewczyn będzie mogło się jakoś wspomóc. :) sama też myślałam, żeby dodać swój list. :)

    1. Mysle, ze zdectdowana wiekszosc szuka jakiegos wzoru a w internecie za duzo nie ma. wstawiaj swoj!:D

  2. hej, które liceum w Lublinie jest niby takie prestiżowe? pytam z ciekawości :)

    1. To najwyzej w rankingu czyli pierwsze. hahahaha" prestizowe" to ono nie jest, pierwotnie bylo 'one of the best' a moja siostra zmienila ma prestiz, bo trzeba pisac w superelatywach :D z ciekawosci, Ty gdzies w Lublinie chodzilas?

    2. tak, ja jestem z Lublina :) a chodziłam do II LO. ja może nie hejtuję Lublina aż tak bardzo, bo tutaj się urodziłam i całe życie tu mieszkałam, ale czuje, że na chwilę obecną nic mnie tutaj nie trzyma. chociaż gdybym miała możliwość wybrania miejsca do życia te 21 lat temu nie wiem, czy wybrałabym Lublin :P